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Perpetual loading screens

Second time this has happened, I got lag and severe frame rate drop so I tried to change a video setting, after changing (lowering shadow quality) it goes to a loading screen and then just won't ever load again. After 10-15 minutes it officially crashes and sends a report. After a restart of the launcher and game twice it still won't load. Takes my log in but stops at the loading screen. I tried repair tool. Is it maybe a corrupted settings file from crashing in the midst of a change? Is there a file like a data cache file that one should try deleting? If so what, where?

When the game was first stuttering, before I changed my graphics setting it was also placing really low quality textures here and there, I assumed it was just doing that because something was making it overwhelmed but I see sometimes that itself is a bug. So I am not sure if it had already crashed at that point or if the problem was the changing of the quality setting. It happened the same way both times.

Fairly new to the game but this sequence happened a little while after I first installed, it cleared up eventually but I am not sure how or why. I did not get to rebooting of my whole computer but I am not sure what difference that could/should make. Today I have exhausted all the time I had for "relaxing" trying to fix this.
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