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Can you get maelstrom or master weapons from normal?

Or must it be vet, if not what are the rewards for normal?
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  • Brrrofski
    Nope, only on vet.

    On normal you'll drop the armor pieces but at cp150 I think
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  • UrQuan
    Brrrofski wrote: »
    Nope, only on vet.

    On normal you'll drop the armor pieces but at cp150 I think
    Prior to One Tamriel the set pieces that dropped in normal Maelstrom were always cp150, but since the One Tamriel update they drop at cp160. Assuming you're at cp160 or higher yourself, of course...
    Caius Drusus Imperial DK (DC)
    Bragg Ironhand Orc Temp (DC)
    Neesha Stalks-Shadows Argonian NB (EP)
    Falidir Altmer Sorcr (AD)
    J'zharka Khajiit NB (AD)
    Isabeau Runeseer Breton Sorc (DC)
    Fevassa Dunmer DK (EP)
    Manut Redguard Temp (AD)
    Tylera the Summoner Altmer Sorc (EP)
    Svari Snake-Blood Nord DK (AD)
    Ashlyn D'Elyse Breton NB (EP)
    Filindria Bosmer Temp (DC)
    Vigbjorn the Wanderer Nord Warden (EP)
    Hrokki Winterborn Breton Warden (DC)
    Basks-in-the-Sunshine Argonian Temp
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  • Brokensocket
    What sets does it drop?
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  • Loc2262
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  • Dubhliam
    As far as Maelstrom and Master weapons, they can only be obtained in vet.

    All other sets that drop there can be obtained in both normal and vet.
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