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Can't get past the first loading screen

Since a few weeks I haven't been able to log in. I put my password and then I get a loading screen that takes forever, and after 5 mins or so I get an error message of being disconnected because of inactivity. I know it's not my internet connection because I can still access other games and websites.
It's always taken me a few min to be able to log in after that loading screen, but now it nothing happens at all :(
  • Stovahkiin
    I'm in a similar position. I log in and I get a loading screen that takes anywhere between 15 seconds to 5 minutes, and then ESO crashes either before I get to the character select screen or right when it gets there. Currently waiting for CS to respond to my ticket.
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  • Rastoide
    I get that delay almost everyday, but i always "work around" it. When it takes more than 1 minute i know its probably gonna kick me out, so i just Alt+F4 and try again.. if second time doesn't work, i might give it another go or 2 more tries.
    Then if it's still not working i reboot my PC, and when i try again it just works.

    I haven't had to repeat all the process once i reboot my computer its green light.
    Note that sometimes i dont need to reboot tho. So its all up to your patience.

    Another note, the most likely situation for this to happen is after downtimes.
  • craybest
    yeah, strangely this is the only game where I have to much trouble trying to log in. by the time Imanage to actually play I would have been playing for like 10 mins in GW2 or secret world XD
  • NiallOfTheNine
    Soul Shriven
    Having same exact issue. First took about 10 minutes to login. I got into the game and it was running awful. Changed graphics settings, it took another 10 minutes to load. Changed graphics again and now it won't load, just goes to the loading screen, occasionally the screen goes black but then comes back. Eventually I get a 308 error.

    Meanwhile the game works just fine on my laptop in the same room.
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