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ESO+ end & PayPal

My sub will end probably tomorrow, at least that's said by ESO: "You have < 1 days of ESO Plus™ time remaining on your PC/Mac account."
I have paid first time by PayPal but I don't plan to continue subscription for now and there is no money on my PayPal account.

My question is, do I need to cancel subscription manually now without waiting for tomorrow (there is no exact time given when the sub ends), or maybe I can leave it to the system, which will cancel sub automatically when it will be unable to upload money from empty PayPal account?

Also can the ESO recurring system somehow force PayPal to communicate with my bank automatically to get the money without my supervision, if the money isn't on PayPal account?
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  • AzraelKrieg
    If you have your bank account or credit card linked to Paypal, I would suggest cancelling it manually.
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  • Bouldercleave
    Never leave anything "to the system".

    I would cancel manually just to be safe.
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  • Gargath
    Thanks for the feedback, so I cancelled it manually without waiting...
    and I agree the system cannot be fully trusted :).
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  • Blutengel
    You can cancel it any time it will not effect your remaining time.
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