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Khajit bugging in Sharks Teeth Grotto

While people are waiting for One tamriel to hit live, maybe a few of you could help with testing this bug. Its not severe, but annoyed me frequently when going there to try and get the motif or finish the TG daily.

There is a bug when using poison injection or focussed aim against the archers in Sharks Teeth Grotto and I guess it has to do with being a Khajit. It occurs when hitting an archer in the delve (works fine with other Archers outside or any other mob within the delve) with a fully charged heavy attack canceled by PI or FA he is aggroed but does not take damage

Here is what I tested so far:
- works both from stealth and standing
- happened on Template CP300 Khajit DK and Khajit NB, my main char (Khajit NB) and a guildies Khajit NB
- works with any items equipped (I think I had NMG bow, Master Bow, MA bow, VO bow and combinations of various stamina DD sets equipped, not sure what my guildies wore)
- does not happen with other guildies Woodelf NB
- had all passives at Bow, medium armor and race unlocked
- works on PTS and live (pre-One Tamriel)

So if you have a non-maxed Khajit or a Sorc or Templar Khajit or play another race try it and report here please to try and find the culprit.
  • susmitds
    Use him to test your cat's DPS.
  • CometStrike
    Thats not possible. To clarify: the archers do not take damage from the heavy attack or poison injection, but normal damage from any subsequent attack
    PC/EU (AD)
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