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PvP Pop % - Let's Look at the Facts

  • AdamBourke
    I have a couple of things to add about the PS4 trophy numbers:

    1) To those asking if it is per character, it is not - it is per account. As soon as you unlock the in-game achievement with one character, you get the PS4 trophy. All playstation games have trophies, they are not specific to ESO. There are only 30 or so in-game achievements that have corresponding PS4 trophies, including one for each of the main quests, a couple of easy ones, and then a bunch of hard ones (Including Emperor).

    2) The numbers are not perfect, because a lot of the players who have been here longest started off on PC, and were allowed to transfer their characters when they turned on the servers. Although their in-game achievements were preserved, they were not automatically given the trophies. I transferred at level 40+, and for a long time had only the last two main quest trophies, but not the first 8. I only got it when One Tamriel was released because you no longer needed to level to get the main quests. I still don't have the fighters guild or mages guild trophies, despite having completed the content.

    3) The numbers on DLC trophies seems even more bizarre - so I assume it must be the percentage of people who own the base game, and not the percentage of people who own the DLC...
    PS4 - EU

    Please put the Eyevea/EarthForge wayshrines back on the map?
  • kylewwefan
    Nope. Go to Cyrodil to repair keeps and follow Zerg for a minute. Get the occasional tick. Never look back. Do you get good AP taking a resource? I've heard of one here called the lumbermill emperor? Can you really do that?
  • geonsocal
    i remember when i first thought up the thread - my motivation was to try to convince (read lure :D) more pve'rs to give cyrodiil a chance...

    for a long time i assumed that a large percentage of players were or had participated in the alliance war...that thought was reinforced when i started to follow and then join our forum...

    when i noticed that trophy regarding capturing a resource in the alliance war i was kind of shocked that the percentage was so low...

    folks on the forums have helped educate me on a lot of the variables which influence that low percentage...still though - a surprisingly low number...

    i was curious as to why (nice current thread by @attackjet , 'Pve players, why don't you like PVP?', concerning some of the reason's people have no desire to step foot in cyrodiil, or just come in briefly for rapid maneuver, vigor and caltrops)...

    on a little tangent - have you ever seen someone throw down a siege shield inside a dungeon - too funny :) ...i'll never admit to it - but, i'm pretty certain i did the same thing early on...

    i mostly stay in cyro now...and, it didn't take me long to realize the importance of having "new" players join in on the alliance war to offset all the players we lose over time...
    Edited by geonsocal on December 20, 2016 7:54PM
    PVP Campaigns Section: Playstation NA and EU (Gray Host) - This Must be the Place
  • Dev
    I think that the 13% sounds about right, however you have to keep in mind that kpi would include the PVE players there who just wanted the skills/shards.

    Based on the two polls linked below, it would indicate that there is only 3-4% of players in the 'PVP' camp.
    Math time:
    Both polls show roughly that responses were 50% PVE Main play, 25% PVP and 25% both.

    First we have to remove the 'Both', so 25% of 13% equals 3.25, leaving 10% left (rounded for conversation)

    Poll 1: 52 PVE to 18 PVP = 70 votes, so this ratio is 74.28% PVE
    Poll 2: 91 PVE to 47 PVP = 138 votes, and a ratio of: 65.94% PVE
    Combined: 208 votes in which PVE has a 68.75%

    Formula used:
    ((1 / Total vote count) * <Vote count for one item> ) = %
    ((1/70) * 52) = 0.7428
    ((1/138) * 91) = 0.6594
    ((1/208) * 143) = 0.6875

    So out of the remaining 10%, 6.875 of that was PVE.

    Leaving 3.125% for PVP.

    It might not be the greatest data, but its the best were going to get. ZOS will hopefully have a business intelligence team that can verify the numbers on their side, but i doubt i could get access to it.

    So even if we add a margin of error, it would appear that 95% of the population doesn't want to bother or more importantly be bothered with PVP. In stead of trying to get more people into Cyrodil, it would be more advantageous to remove or at minimum give an option for a PVE-Cyrodil/IC.


    PVE vs PVP
  • Doctordarkspawn
    13 percent sounds about right to me. At most, it's less than 40%.

    And I'll decline to go anywhere near Cyro. I wont play stam toons until a vigor substitute is implimented. I wont play PVP under any circumstances. And the day where I cant manage that, is the day I shelve this game for good.
  • Karivaa
    I never noticed that achievement on the lumber mill but I play on Xbox. Alls I do is PVP. I've met some of the best and most fun players! We have fun, come join us!
  • geonsocal
    Karivaa wrote: »
    I never noticed that achievement on the lumber mill but I play on Xbox. Alls I do is PVP. I've met some of the best and most fun players! We have fun, come join us!

    yes, we are nice - please come join us:
    PVP Campaigns Section: Playstation NA and EU (Gray Host) - This Must be the Place
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