In the event of accidentally purchasing a crown item, what do I do to get refunded?

So on PS4 I was bored today and decided to look through the crown store and preview items there and while trying to preview one of the 5000 crown motifs, I accidentally purchased it, which to make worse I already know the motif.

I threw a ticket on both the items that appeared in my inventory, but IDK if it was the right category...
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  • Brokensocket
    I dont think they will help you to be honest, just happy to have your money
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  • code65536
    Officially, they can't, and will tell you that when you submit a ticket. But if you persist and present a good case, they can make an exception.
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  • Xelrick
    They need to add a cancelable timer for these cases then...

    That and allow to view bundles with L1/R1 with the other non bundle items. Main reason this happen in the first place...

    ...and lock out completed motifs from purchases.... They were before they added the Mimic stones...

    Wish the motif was tradable because all I can do with it is destroy it....
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