Disappearing / Reappearing Enemies & Summoned Daedras

Am I the only one experiencing this?

On random occasions (pretty frequently) I would be running around and be on my merry way with my summoned Daedras then they keep on disappearing and reappearing. For example, I could walk a few steps and they are gone as if they are not summoned, just to appear again moments later. A lot of the times during fights, my clannfear would just disappear and the enemy would start attacking me, just to be pulled again a few moments later by my re-appearing clannfear. Even weirder, sometimes enemies would just disappear and maybe re-appear/respawn to full health during a battle.

That's quite annoying.

I waste quite a lot of magicka on paranoia. The other thing that happens is 50% of the time my Daedras wont follow me through a door or portal and almost always have to re-summon. This coupled with this disappear/re-appear act costs me magicka at the most in-opportune times. So I'd sometimes pass through a door, then realize my Daedras needs re-summoning halfway into the first fight... or on the flipside I'd enter a door, not see my Daedras, then attempt to re-summon, just to realize I wasted magicka, because they seemed to be summoned, but not showing... asif they are phasing in and out and slight re-positioning of myself cause them to re-appear... or disappear.

Oh and can ZOS pleeeaaasee re-position the Twilight to follow further behind me, when you are in 3rd person. Its near impossible to interact or loot anything when she constantly flaps her wings between my character and my carmera.
Edited by Korax on September 27, 2016 7:21AM
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