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I read every stam character is running Blackrose. What is the mag alternative for mag character?

  • Vangy
    altemriel wrote: »
    Hi guys, I am not an expert in build theory crafting, but I have read many times on the forums here, that Blackrose set is pretty much a meta for stam characters in PVP.

    Is there any similar magicka alternative (as Blackrose) for mag character? (edit: highlighted red, bold) A mag NB? Or should I just run 5 Magnus (or 5 Lich) + 4 Julianos (2 armor, 2 dual wield) or 5 Clever Alchemyst/4 Vicious Death, or anything better?

    I am looking for crafted sets, as I do not do grinding much and I am a noobie casual, so no trials, no vet dungeons (only very few vet dungs so far)...

    thanx in advance :)!


    Uhm I did read ur post.... You asked for "a mag build". Then u also asked for mag NB. Ive bolded it for u. Which was why I offered u a templar build. You might wanna remove the mag character part if you are only interested in magblade. EDIT: I see uve modified it now!

    Also why do you feel reactive dosent work on magblade. (It does!) Reactive on any toon that can do decent damage whil self-healing is pretty darn OP lol. Magblades do that almost as well as templars lol.
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    that hard data tho
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