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The Noore

The Noore is recruiting! We are an established and active guild that enjoys working together on PvP, PvE, and whatever our members need to have fun. We have a guild website: as well as a Teamspeak server, active guild store, and regular organized events.

We are an AD/NA guild with a sole focus on having fun with minimal drama. We welcome all builds, classes, play styles, and level of experience. We have master crafters that are happy to craft gear or help you research or develop craft skills at our weekly crafting fair.

We were the first guild to be features with an ESO guild spotlight:

We are a close knit group that would love for you to join our ranks.

To learn more about The Noore, check out our website at, message here, or send a message to @‌polarnightshade

See you in game!

Polar Nightshade

Guild Master of The Noore
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