best magicka sustain sets with impenetrable for healer in pve & pvp

Howdy, I was originally thinking of using seducer + alteration mastery as I'm constantly casting, but since I'm having trouble finding an impenetrable alteration mastery armor piece was thinking of using a different set, perhaps desert rose? Was wondering what sets you guys use for magicka sustain with impenetrable for pvp/pve? Thanks for the help.
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    Make heavy kags.
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  • Sallington
    Breton + Seducers = infinite mana basically

    Go with the Atronach mundus, and then wear whatever other pieces you want, because you're sustain will be more than fine.

    5x Seducers 5x Transmutation would make a real annoying PvP healer
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  • Lokey0024
    Transmutation 3pc and kags or necropotents 5pc will 3pc.

    Transmutation 5pc is amazing. Your group takes way less dmg in pvp.
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