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Update 12 PTS Testing Suggestions and Feedback Wanted

Community Manager
With Update 12 introducing One Tamriel, we’ve had to adjust many different aspects of the game and would love to get your feedback! Below are some suggestions on where to focus your testing, plus specific feedback we’re looking for. To aid in testing, we’ve provided various templates for each alliance. In addition, we’ve copied all PC/Mac North American megaserver characters, and will be doing a PC/Mac European megaserver character copy in the coming weeks.

Thanks in advance!

Testing Suggestions
  • Start a new character and play through the tutorial, starter zone, and make your way through the first zone to try out the newly-scaled content.
  • Visit Craglorn and complete the story quest. Bring a friend and dabble in some group content, too!
  • Use a template or your copied character from the Live megaservers, and travel to any zone to check out some quests with members of a different alliance.
  • Pick up a new Mages Guild, Fighters Guild, or Undaunted Delve daily quest; see what kind of rewards you can get!
  • Track down and defeat one of the Group Bosses in Tamriel.
  • Take an Undaunted Pledge and visit a dungeon with some friends in other alliances. Try one of the new Normal or Veteran modes if you’re looking for a challenge!
  • Try out the new Weapon Ultimates while getting a feel for the new balance.
  • Livestream a duel between you and another player. Good luck!

Feedback Wanted
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