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A plea to bring in the updated Cyrodiil sets as rewards for the worthy!

So a lot of campaign’s been ending this week (on the EU server) and the stores are already flooded with gold items from Marksman, Leki, Fury, Transmutation, Vicious death etc. But why haven’t the new updated item sets from AP Vendors in towns like Bruma, Vlastarus and Cropsford been thrown into the mix?

For example, back in the old days, those items were available as campaign rewards and at the same time also given as ”Rewards for the worthy” if i’m not mistaken. They were still available to purchase for AP, in blind boxes, at the same time.

I don’t really see any good reason to not throw them into the mix to switch up the current meta.
(Sorry if it’s already a topic up about this subject, couldn’t find a recent one).
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  • starlizard70ub17_ESO
    ^This, a lot of the rewards for the worthy items I just sell to npc vendors. The jewelry and the odd bow is about the only things I try to sell of the guild vendors anymore. Even if the new updated item sets from AP Vendors showed as blue rewards for the worthy items, that would still be a welcome change.
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  • Ourorboros
    +1. 90% of current ROTW mails are junk.
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  • QuebraRegra
    Screw it! Let's have that token system already, and include all the new sets (ex. I'd like to buy Bahara's Curse).

    That might bring me back to PVP.

    Maybe that's not a good thing :open_mouth:
  • Sallington
    Ourorboros wrote: »
    +1. 90% of current ROTW mails are junk.

    I WISH 10% of the rewards were useful. I'd say 5% at the very max you get something worth selling.
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  • Jaronking
  • Forestd16b14_ESO
    Would like to get that juggernaut set but I am not wasting 50K AP for 1 piece of it that most likely be prosperous or training instead if impen or sturdy.

    So yes ZoS add those AP set to Rewards.
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  • Rage_Killin
    No ETA
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