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Free Companies of Tamriel - Strictly RP/Merc Guild

Greetings and Salutations,

The Free Companies of Tamriel is currently recruiting everyone that wishes to join. Whether you are a young man with a yearning to see the world or a criminal needing to escape a sordid past, we don't ask questions. Raise steel for us, sweat for us, bleed for us, and we will make you rich. We will show you things that you wouldn't believe exist.

To the lords and ladies of Tamriel, give me your poor. Give me your unwashed masses, your heathens, your murderers, open your prisons to me. I will take them in and you'll never see them again.

Marcus Julius Severus
Colonel, Free Companies of Tamriel


Who are we?
We are the newest RP group on the block with unlimited potential for advancement for new recruits. We plan to have a heavily invested Theater/Campaign/Mission system implemented that will create a lasting, and focused, impact on everything the guild does. The goal is to be a collection of mercenary companies, one located in each of the alliances. The primary reason is for timezone issues, as when One Tamriel is released, alliance divides won't exist so much anymore. Right now we are one Company with many vacancies!

Who are we looking for?
Anyone that wants to Roleplay. Anyone that wants to create mercenary themed stories. Whether you just started RPing five minutes ago or are a strigoi that has been doing it for thousands of years, we have a place for you. We aren't exclusive, we only ask that you conduct yourself as an adult, even if you happen to not be one. I myself am a former US Marine, so I especially like other prior military members to join. We generally have a mind that is conducive to structure and can create a realistic experience.

Wait, I thought you were mercs!
We are mercs! Mercs are professionals and we have ranks and structure. I'm a huge student of history, so I based most of the structure off the medieval and renaissance era companies that existed in the real world.

So you are breaking lore?
Not at all! Nothing we are doing here doesn't have some sort of basis in lore. Every rank we use exists in the Elder Scrolls universe, if not in ESO itself. We will never, ever, ever directly contradict lore. Our history JUST began as well. The Free Companies of Tamriel existed in no way, lore or made up history, before 27th of August, 2016. So it isn't really possible to clash with historical lore, since we have no reason to include it heavily in the Guild's lore.

So, you have NO history? What?
Nope! Not yet! The thing about history, it was made at one point. So with this guild, we are making it from scratch right now. Which means that YOU could possibly be someone that helps create the history and lore of the guild.

So how do I join?
Go to our Enjin site ( ) and click "recruitment" and fill out the contact card. All our new members are brought into the guild via an in-game, in-character meeting. From there you'll be signed up and good to go. If you have further questions, feel free to message me on Enjin, in game at @gelston, or ask here.
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