Unable to log into DC character currentlyin Glenumbra.

I logged in earlier, but lagged like crazy, then got disconnected.

Every time I try logging into that character, it just stays on the "Logging in" thing until kicking me back into the log in screen. It doesn't even go to a loading screen.
  • Sumpfheini
    last days I have the same problem reguarly with different chars. Need like 5-10 tries until it works
  • ZOS_PeterT
    Some times this error occurs when a player is unable to reach one of the game's megaservers. If you receive this error, you should try again in a few minutes. If you continue to receive this message after waiting, you can attempt the following steps:

    Make sure that any anti-virus/firewall protection has exception rules for The Elder Scrolls Online.
    Make sure the following ports are open on the networking device:
    TCP / UDP Ports 24100 through 24131
    TCP / UDP Ports 24300 through 24331
    TCP / UDP Ports 24500 through 24507
    TCP Port 80
    TCP Port 433

    Check our Service Alerts page for details about the status of the game.
    If you need help with performing these actions, have further questions, or have completed these steps and are still experiencing the issue, you should feel free to contact our dedicated Customer Support team for assistance.
    The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited - ZeniMax Online Studios

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