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Looking for Trials Guild

I'm looking for a new Guild to join. A Guild with strong players that have one primary thing in mind: Trials!

I really, really need to start doing them over and over again to get my new equipment (namely Infallible Aether) and, sadly, my current guildmates can't seem to provide that for me because, according to them and their super politeness, "I'm not online at the proper times" (that's a quote).

I'll be very honest to all of you.

- I don't speak English, although I can understand fairly well using TS, as long any desired guidelines becomes clear. If I can't hear properly, I can't understand and I use the chat to post short messages, but the top dog guilds seem to don't bother and play with it closed.

- I can't play every single day. I wait anxiously for the weekends to play for longer and because of that I don't the same experience the top players have, although I already finished all current trials several times, including the new Veteran Sanctum Ophidia

If you think I'm worthy of your Guild, let me know please
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  • Blakeabutler_Blasius
    Hey @magnusthorek If your still looking for a guild then check out Vokundein. We are very much a community focused guild. We are a smaller guild as we like to be more tight knit. For PvE, we do daily pledges and at least two Weekly trial run. If your looking to move into a consistent group for the end-game content then we might be what your looking for now. We are currently looking for some new members for our PvE core for the vet Trial.

    We use TS for our events with clear explanations and utilize chat when needed.

    Also our recruitment officer is on vacation so PM in-game.
    Edited by Blakeabutler_Blasius on August 1, 2016 1:18AM
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    Blakeabutler, Guild Leader of Vokundein/Elder of Legend Gaming
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