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August Crown Store Showcase?

Hey, any idea when the August Crown Store Showcase will be up? I'm really looking forward to seeing what they'll be adding
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  • Aerius_Sygale
    Hey, any idea when the August Crown Store Showcase will be up? I'm really looking forward to seeing what they'll be adding

    I as well...but @ZOS_GinaBruno and others keep making us wait until the actual month is under way!

    They get you used to seeing it late the month before, then all of the sudden they drop the whole "Here's what you can look forward to coming to the Crown Store next month!" approach and just do it at the start of the actual month, because they just LOVE giving a big heads up (NOT)! >_>' Ugh...
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  • Banana
    Race change/name change/barbershop. Costumes wise couldn't be any worse than last month.
  • WuffyCerulei
    As well as the DLC, Hist Guar, and a baby version of those giant turtle things in Hew's Bane. Those were apart of the collecter's edition of the Shadows of the Hist on the PTS, so it'll be the same for the live servers. Perhaps announcing the Kagouti mount as well? Who knows.
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  • Tavore1138
    The Toga that was previewed on the DB PTS would be nice to finally lay hands on...
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