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Why is gold so bound to char moneypouch?

Anywhere and with any char, we can instantly brew potions using mats in the bank/crafting bag common to all alts, craft weapons from mats harvested by an alt on the other side of Tamriel, study and disassemble loot by our alts and yet the one thing that was synonym for transferability and universal trade is tightly bound to the presently played char. When buying a 10k item it doesn't matter if you have a million in the bank, if your present char is carrying just 9999 gold - no joy.

This seems like an unnecessary complication, the bane of playability. Since this clearly isn't a technical issue I'm wondering: what have I missed here? There is a reason behind this, right?
  • Mady
    If you have a bounty, let's say 1 million and you get rekt by a guard and you have 1k gold on your char, you lose that gold.

    Image 'shared wallet'. RIP 1 million gold.

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  • jedtb16_ESO
    there is no restriction on the amount of gold you can carry....

    if you are of the criminal persuasion then carrying a lot can be problematic... but being a criminal was your choice.
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