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Does it bother you to have mismatched or under leveled armor?

Do you feel your armor has to all be the same style? Do you need to recreate or buy new armor every level up?
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Does it bother you to have mismatched or under leveled armor? 104 votes

laurajfSunraBigBraggcwolfe702b14_ESOWhiteCoatSyndromeSvenjaixieValnThe_SpAwNKorprokAbeillekhele23eb17_ESOcruderscub18_ESOelias.stormneb18_ESOkkidd0hDagoth_RacArcanusMagusFrozenAnimalQUEZ420Dimentiza 54 votes
TotalitarianKochDerDamonenDirtySmeegs33jedtb16_ESOcosmic_niklas_93b16_ESOguulSeriAlex_Lexahstin2001nub18_ESOWolfsheadLylithkamimarkitrickerphairdonWeidexxWreckinCrewxxFfastylLettigallKelcesListerJMC 41 votes
Style doesn't matter to me
KallistaBlackheartkevlarto_ESOMojmirRylanaBlackEarstojekarcub18_ESOEasily_LostWhatzituyahFullBlownBeast 9 votes
  • Whatzituyah
    Style doesn't matter to me
    Thats where dye comes in.
  • Ffastyl
    It did. Then economics sunk in.
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  • craybest
    when armor doesn't match and it's too bad, I just use a costume XD
  • Lysette
    Appearance is important to me - I just do not feel well, if it does not suit my personality.
    Edited by Lysette on July 31, 2016 2:41AM
  • Rohamad_Ali
    Yes because most of the crafted armor sets look better then any costume .
  • Lysette
    I use both, armor and costumes - because I do not want to wear the same every day. But even when I am wearing a costume, the armor below it has to match.
    Edited by Lysette on July 31, 2016 2:47AM
  • FriedEggSandwich
    Style matters to me but the look I like usually comes from mixed styles. If I can't get the look I like, like right now, then I wear a costume. Underlevelled definitely matters in pvp though.
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  • Stovahkiin
    I'm okay if I have different styles that make up my outfit, but if a single piece doesn't look good with the rest of the outfit then I will not stop until I find a better looking replacement, even if said replacement is a bit worse in terms of armor rating and whatnot. The people in my guild know me as the guy who can spend hours putting an outfit together and then having "emergency dye sessions" to make it all match.
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  • AtmaDarkwolf
    only thing that bugs me are the silly floppy flying flaps that hover on your butt/hips and serve no purpose except to fly next/behind you and flap and flop around.

    Having a bunch of miss-matched gear can actually look pretty good.
  • KochDerDamonen
    Style matters to me, but I like to mix and match purposefully. I could spend hours doing this in Dark Souls, it's a bit more pricey here xP
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  • e1team
    It doesn't. You can always dye it in some cool way.
  • ArchMikem
    I'm shooting myself in the foot because I have a specific look I want my characters to have, and that basically means ignoring all the Monster sets, special armor sets, ect.
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  • captainwolfos
    That's what costumes or disguises are for.

    Though back in the day it was something of a shock to see just what your character is actually wearing underneath said costume when on the character screen...
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  • Rylana
    Style doesn't matter to me
    I am one of those weird folks that goes to great lengths to use as much crafted style and good looking appearance set pieces as i can... then i dye it up all proper and so on

    and then use the goblin costume on every character anyway so all that work is irrelevant.

    Edited by Rylana on July 31, 2016 7:19AM
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  • phairdon
    Your immersion is breaking my entitlement.
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  • BlackEar
    Style doesn't matter to me
    Dont care about looks or dyes.
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  • MasterSpatula
    Ummm, that's two unrelated questions. No answer.
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  • ListerJMC
    I love making interesting appearance combinations by mixing different armor styles so no, mismatched armor doesn't bother me. I do wish the dyes weren't so varied between different styles though, that does annoy me.
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  • menedhyn
    I like some mis-matched armour. It helps to neutralise the appearance of my characters, makes them look less formal, less regimental. I often wear items that are several levels behind where I am, mainly because I dislike many of the styles from higher levels and because I get too attached to the more simple, subtle appearance of some of the lower level kit.
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  • Mojmir
    Style doesn't matter to me
    t shirt and jeans,everywhere
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  • Lysette
    Well, I sometimes have lower level gear, when it comes to set pieces and I have not found a replacement for them at my level. otherwise I craft my armor newly as soon as I can craft a better set, but I might mix with different helms - I go normally for a 5/1/1 approach to level as well those armor types, which are not my favorite (helm and belt are normally of a different armor kind) - so it is kind of a mix and match, but I nevertheless care for that it does optically match - I do not see that as a mismatch.
    Edited by Lysette on July 31, 2016 8:45AM
  • logosloki
    That is what costumes and polymorphs are for. I didn't really mind about underleveled until I started out in Cyrodiil as a little CP 30, then I realised I might need to up my gear to at least CP30.
  • jedtb16_ESO
    i play only first person so i don't see it anyway
    pc eu na eso+

    paraphrasing soren kierkegaard.... when we look at the forum all we can do is laugh.
  • Garldeen
    Nope, it was at level 45 before I thought 'hmm better upgrade that level 22 hat now' :)

    The game is too easy in PVE to need to have the exact level armour. We need to try and add extra difficulty where we can
    Edited by Garldeen on July 31, 2016 11:01AM
  • Wolfshead
    Well you can other buy from armor vendor if lvl alt which gave you same style of armor or if you have high lvl with max carft you can craft every 10 lvl i think is and make blue and it will hold to for next 10 lvl easy way to same money on alt
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  • Wolfkeks
    Haha yees, well underleveled no... but mismatched, totally :joy:
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  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    This is why my Redguard Templar alt wears the Bleakrock bandit disguise 90% of the time. The Khajiit helm he's wearing now... :s

    My main wears mismatched motifs, but that was on purpose (Breton robes so no ugly hip flaps, Primal shoes and gloves, Ancient Elf shoulders so THAT isn't sticking out everywhere...going for the sleek, worn-away-by-the-sands-of-Craglorn look) with an eye to making the outfit as a whole look nice.
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  • kamimark
    When I'm levelling an alt, I just wear whatever I find. Usually at levels 16 and 36 (new materials and content ramps up harder) my main'll craft a set for them, but then it gets replaced with better scraps. I'll try to use a consistent dye set for each character, but if it looks bad, throw on a costume.
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  • Lieblingsjunge
    I'm in love with my costumes. I don't care much about styles. I mean - who needs gear-styles when you can look like this:

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  • LadyNalcarya
    Underleveled: no, I craft/farm my gear at max possible level and quality.
    Mismatched: depends on what you mean by this. I never wear all armor parts of the same style, but style matters for me and I usually combine crafted and dropped sets. A combination of different motifs doesnt have to look mismatched. ;)
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