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How do I get rid of Campaign announcements constantanty spamming my screen?!

Look, I didn't want to join campaign, I just wanted to reach Imperial city and have a look around. And I couldn't work out how to get there, and going via campaign seemed the only option. And now I'm stuck with these alerts that constantly go across my screen. The are aggrevating!

Can anyone tell me how?

And don't say "leave campaign" option, I tried that and it only works with a very high penalty cost which I can't pay and even if I could I shouldn't have to... All I want is to remove those alerts!
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  • Lunerdog
    Yup, annoys me too.
  • Miliana
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  • Rittings
    I don't think there is an option for this once you set it to your home - you're kinda stuck with the constant notifications. Hopefully an option for this will be available in the future though.
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