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Regeneration chooses its targets like a drunk idiot

*Wobbles* *Points finger at random person* "You! I'll give *hiccup* you regeneration!"
"Err, thanks, but I already have it. Give it to the tank. They need it."
"Pfft! I don't *hiccup* care! My finger landed on you! And while I'm at it *hiccup* here it is again! And again! And again! Haha!"

There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the way that Regeneration targets players. Ideally, it'll target injured players first, then players that don't have the regen buff already on them. But no, this doesn't happen. I can be standing right next to someone with low health and even targeting them, and it'll still cast on myself and some random person farther away with full health. I like to buff my group with it as we enter a fight, and ideally you'd only have to cast twice and you'll hit all 4 group members. But this doesn't always happen. Sometimes it'll target the same players twice. Please sober up Regeneration and cut him off. Rehab maybe. Thanks.
  • Giraffon
    I've been noticing this as well. I was trying to use it in Cyrodiil (live NA server). At first I thought it was just because I wasn't in a group, but then when I got in a group, it seemed act randomly as well. I had players near death that I expected would consume the regen and have a harmful effect removed, but instead it would go to some other player and I could only watch as my allies would fall to their death.

    I've taken it off my bar for now as it's worthless to me the way it is.
    Giraffon - Beta Lizard - For the Pact!
  • CasNation
    That was an amusing intro. I liked it. +1
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  • Sounomi
    Breath of Life is broken like this too. You can stand next to someone low on health and spam it and it'll completely ignore them, healing people at full health instead.
  • Autolycus
    Just because of this I always start pulls with 4-5 mutagens. When I reapply it's mostly just a supplementary "buff" so to speak. I don't care too much about it hitting the people that need the most healing (because I'm already paying attention to them and taking care of it). I don't use it for that, actually, I use it for added surety of providing SPC. Every tick of Regen is just another chance to proc SPC for that person. As such, it runs on my off-bar and does not take priority during reapplication of buffs or active healing.
  • vyndral13preub18_ESO
    Since it was smart healing, dumb healing was the go to phrase for what was going on. But I think drunk idiot healing is much better.
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