Unable to do pledges since Dark Brotherhood?

Unable to do pledges since Dark Brotherhood?

“Taking the Undaunted Pledge”

Only have issues with one character; customer service says they can’t do anything! Really?



Well I don’t know how to say this but I have had some bad experiences with customer service. I am unsure on how to go about fixing this issue (not with Customer service but the in game experience). I have a character that cannot do any pledges. It is a Level 50 (583CP) Stamplar. I made this character way before Dark Brotherhood and took my time leveling it.

Once I got to level 45 I received the email for this character to join the Undaunted, you all know the email. I left the attachment in the mail because I had no intention of doing endgame pledges until Dark Brotherhood was released, while do low level content when this character would soon be maxed, because of vet rank removal. Unfortunately, I made a mistake, on another character my Magplar I was clearing out my emails from a day of good sales and took the attachment from the Undaunted Pledge email for my Stamplar out of the mail. I did realize this so I placed my letter (the one for my Stamplar) that gives the “Taking the Undaunted Pledge quest into my bank. Here my Stamplars letter sat until Dark Brotherhood, why use it when I am not going to run any pledges util Dark Bortherhood.

So Dark Brotherhood arrives and my nice new Stamplar is able to where CP160 gear and I want to start running pledges. I go into my bank and try to retrieve my undaunted letter and it is no longer in my bank. It is a victim of the missing item bug that was supposed to be fixed as part of the emergency maintenance performed here. https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/268843/hotfix-with-downtime-5-31-16-pc-mac-only I have since consistently tried to get customer support help and they have not been able to fix anything.

Here is a list of ideas I have suggested to help remedy the situation.

1. Return the letter or place a new letter in the bank (or on my Stamplar) for my Stamplar to use. He meets all requirements; they can verify this pretty easily.
2. Just give this one character the “Taking the Undaunted Pledge” quest so he can complete it. Once again they can verify this character meets all requirements but does not have the letter in bank or on character to pick up this quest.
3. Resend the email that is triggered at level 45. Once again the character meets requirements.
4. Fix it the way deem best, they might have a better way?

Bottom line is that this character is at end game and can not do pledges, end game content? This is a big part of endgame and helps people stay in this game. I am not asking for much, just the capability of doing what this character should be allowed to do.

The only option I know I can do is level another character to level 45 and use that letter for my Stamplar. (Which is an exploit and needs to be fixed)
Does anyone know of a way to fix this?
  • rrico_76
    I don't know if it could work, rather weird, but maybe there's possibility to someone send U this letter via in game mail box (having alts that recieved it), and if the letter is not bound. But i'm not sure if it can be done.
  • ZOS_DaryaK
    It looks like our support team followed up with you @simeion
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  • simeion
    ZOS_DaryaK wrote: »
    It looks like our support team followed up with you @simeion

    Yes, i got a nice letter in my personal email and the invention was sent to this character in game. Thanks for such awesome work!!! I CAN RUN PLEDGES NOW!
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