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In game way to find guildmasters/officers of a guild?

Is there a way to find who the officers/guildmasters are in the game of a guild? I've tried to use some of the threads and I don't think they check anymore for one guild. So if you are in the game and want to join the guild, there really doesn't seem to be a way to find out who to contact.
  • Autolycus
    Unfortunately, there's no mechanic in-game for "looking up" the leaders or members of a particular guild. There are a couple of ways to get in touch with said individuals, but not without first knowing at least the name of the guild. If I were looking for an officer or GM of Guild XYZ, I would have to resort to zone call-outs to find someone who is a member of XYZ and could tell me the name (or otherwise put me in touch) with that person. This is rather inconvenient (to say the least) for a PC player, but for console players, it's all the more frustrating (and understandably so) with no actual text chat.
  • Nestor
    Community Ambassador
    Most Guilds allow all members to recruit new members, so you don't always need to talk to an Officer. Every Guild I am in I can invite people, and I am only an Officer in two of them (and I could invite to those guilds before I became an officer)

    So, first step, just find someone in the guild and ask them if you can join.
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  • lordrichter
    You can also look for people wearing guild heraldry that will show up in the nameplates. With that, you might be able to avoid spamming zone and area chat with, "anyone a member of Guild X?"

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