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Nos's "Poison Knight" StamDK Build (Horns of the Reach DLC Ready)


08/16/17 - Updated for Horns of the Reach DLC




All in Stamina


Health and Stamina



Champion Point Distribution:

Blue tree:

Master at Arms 9, Mighty 49; Precise Strikes 51; Thaumaturge 56, Piercing 55

Red tree:

Quick Recovery 19, Elemental Defender 49, Hardy 49, Thick Skinned 37, Iron Clad 44, Spell Shield 22

Green tree:

Warlord 51, Sprinter 16, Mooncalf 56, Tenacity 49, Tumbling 28, Shadow Ward 20

Gear choice (Solo Stam DPS in Raid):

7/7 Medium Divines

5 Twice Fanged Serpent

2 Velidreth

5 Night Mother’s Gaze

Use the following weapon traits:

1 Infused Dagger (Poison enchant) – in Main Hand

1 Precise Dagger (Weapon damage enchant) – in Off-Hand

1 Nirn vMA Bow

All Armor with Stamina Enchants. All Jewelry Robust with Weapon damage enchants.

Bar Setup


Pre Rotation: Rearming Trap>Bar Swap

Step 1: Endless Hail>LA>Poison Injection>LA>Razor Caltrops>LA>Noxious Breath>LA>Standard of Might>Bar Swap (animation cancel)

Step 2: LA>Rending Slashes>LA>Venomous Claw>LA>Deadly Cloak>HA>Rearming Trap>HA>Flames of Oblivion>Bar Swap

Rotation Video


1. Why Velidreth?

Kragh offers the highest damage gain in groups where full target penetration is not achieved, because the 1 piece on it is the strongest one-piece for a stam user to have and offers a 2.97% DPS increase on a non fully penetrated target. Velidreth however works best if full penetration is achieved. In addition its proc hits certain enemies (Manticora is an example) multiple times. My raid group will be running an optimized buff system so I am running Velidreth…if there are no penetration cap then Kragh is bets in slot for most fights.

2. Why not Mephala?

Mephala got buffed this patch, but the damage is still less than Velidreth in a raid setting because of movement. Also the ST damage is higher on Velidreth and especially higher on fights where it can proc multiple times.

3. Why TFS and NMG?

Penetration is the best damage buffing stat to use when building a character. In a non optimized raid those two sets will perform best. Should your group already run NMG your options open up quite a bit, but are all reliant on what gear is available to you. Vicious Ophidian, Hundings Rage and Sunderflame are all viable options, the trick is to be aware of how to optimize and not go over the penetration cap. Below is a list of all the possible debuffs a group can have up, keep in mind that during a trial you most likely will not have a 100% uptime on every single of these, so try to pen cap yourself with that expectation.

Nightmother’s Gaze – 2580

Alkosh – 3010

Sunderflame – 3440

Major Fracture – 5280

Minor Fracture – 1320

Crusher Enchant – 1622

Infused Crusher Enchant – 2108

4. Why Warrior Mundus?

Warrior seems to be coming out on top for most stam builds in this DLC. By slotting Dawnbreaker on the front bar we are getting around 537 weapon damage from that Mundus, which is quite a large chunk of our dps. Our crit is too high to take advantage of the Thief stone and too low to make Shadow Mundus be better than Warrior. Lover is a choice to run, but the DPS gain from warrior is almost exactly the same and if you have buff sets in a raid Lover quickly loses its power.

5. Why double dagger?

Proc rate for the Axe passive is too low to warrant using it, and daggers scale better with raid buffs.

6. Why Nirn Bow?

Since we are shooting for a pen capped scenario we have infused/nirn and precise to choose from. Precise is nice but Nirn is a lot better. Nirn not only increases the base of your Hail damage, it also buffs your weapon by 200 weapon damage which is huge for all your skills. Running Nirn allows your hail to start ticking and go through the lower part of its damage buffed, once you bar swap, the Infused trait off the main hand takes over and gives your Hail a higher ceiling to reach.

7. Why no Molten Armaments?

Besides the fact that I use the flex spot for Vigor I do not find a significant DPS increase with Molten with this rotation, since it only has 2 Heavy Attacks in rotation.

8. Parses:

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