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"The Sting" Nos Stamplar DPS Guide (Summerset ready)


06/01/18 - Updated for Summerset




All in Stamina





Champion Point Distribution:

Blue tree:

Master at Arms 44, Mighty 64, Precise Strikes 56, Thaumaturge 56, Piercing 30

Gear choice (Solo Stam DPS in Raid):

7/7 Medium Divines

5 Perfected Arms of Reloquen

2 Velidreth/Stormfist/Selene

5 Ravager (Weapons and Jewelry)

Use the following weapon traits:

1 Nirn Dagger (Poison/Prismatic enchant) – in Main Hand

1 Infused Dagger (Weapon damage enchant) – in Off-Hand

1 Nirn vMA Bow

All Armor with Stamina Enchants. All Jewelry Bloodthirsty with Weapon damage enchants.

Bar Setup


Pre Rotation: Trap>Bar Swap

Step 1: Endless Hail>LA>Poison Injection>LA>Razor Caltrops>BallistaBar Swap (animation cancel)

Step 2: LA>PotL>LA>Rending Slashes>LA>Biting Jabs>LA>Biting Jabs>LA>Blade Cloak>LA>Power of the Light>Bar Swap

Step 3: Repeat Step 1

Step 4: LA>Rending Slashes>HA>PotL>LA>Trap>LA>Biting Jabs>LA>Biting Jabs>LA>Blade Cloak>LA>Power of the Light>Bar Swap

Repeat steps 2 and 3. If stamina gets low swap "LA>Jabs>LA>Jabs>LA>Cloak>LA" to "HA>Jabs>HA>Cloak>HA"

Rotation Video


1. Why Velidreth/Stormfist/Selene?

Velidreth buffs damage and can hit certain bosses multiple times, on bosses that can be only hit once use Selene, which also procs off of Reloquen. Use Stormfist in AoE.

2. Why Ravager?

It procs off of the damage of Reloquen and has a very high uptime (75%)

3. Parses
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