Issues with New Charge Animation

When I read up on the changes to the charge animation, My curiosity was piqued. I had no issues with the old animation, so I assumed that the new one was simply going to be more efficient.

The reality is far from this. Or I am one of the few people having this issue. Is it just me? or does the new animation seem clunkier and worse then the old one? The old one didn't seem to have any issues I could see. It was fast, direct, got you there, and felt solid. The new one feels "bouncy", has bugged on me more times in the 2 hours I was on today then it had the entire week prior, and it often leaves me either right on top of the mob, or sometimes actually slightly behind it! (and not in a good in im behind the perp facing away, swinging on empty air)

If this is the new more efficient animation, can I have the older clunky one back? it seemed to work far better then the new one does. If this was a "new and improved" Tool that I had purchased, I'd take it back and drag my old one out of the garbage.
Edited by temjiu on May 31, 2016 9:39PM
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