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Scathing mage set

Anyone with experience with it know if it's really worth it to use on my magblade for PvE I have a couple pieces already so is the burst worth replacing over julianos. Don't want to grind ICP knowing it's not that good.I hope it really is
  • Attackopsn
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  • elium85
  • Silver_Strider
    Scathing Mage is BiS for a Magic NB, if gotten in the right trait, of course.
    Since it has no internal cooldown, it is possible to maintain the set buff 100% of the time with a good enough rotation, although Force Pulse Rotation is probably the easiest/best way to do so.
    Argonian forever
  • xK0R3zY
    Alright then I shall grind for it I have 2 pieces so far with divine traits for both pieces I heard cripple is able to proc it and also refreshing paths
    Edited by xK0R3zY on May 31, 2016 8:51PM
  • Oreyn_Bearclaw
    It is definitely BIS for a Siphonblade if you are running a Force Pulse build, which you should be at this point. Force pulse has a x3 chance to proc this, vs x1 of funnel health. I think it is perhaps also best for Sorcs if NOT using overload. I was getting about an 80% uptime on my sorc, which suggests its better than the crafted stuff. It is garbage for an overload build because the uptime was less than 25%. I don't think it is worth using for DKs or Templars.
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  • sagitter
    So i was hoping for a pair of shoes to complete this set, finally after months of pain farming i got a pair of it and is "PROSPEROUS". They added new traits in the dungeons drops so now it is even more difficult to get divines :(.
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