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Hey iwas curious to know how you got your weapon dmg and stam regen to 5989 and about 2400 respectiv

If you could inform me of the sets you used id really apreciate it. Im a p4 player

Best Answer

  • styx1122
    This is for anti matter
  • DannyLV702
    Damn I'd like to know too lol
    PS4 - NA - EP - DaNNyB0y2010
  • Jhunn
    Easy way: Cheat Engine?
    Gave up.
  • DaveMoeDee
    Jhunn wrote: »
    Easy way: Cheat Engine?

    The OP is on a PS4.
  • Waffennacht
    Ok well I know NBs have passives and there are racial passives that give weapon damage boosts. Alchemist gives 671 + 130ish weapon dmg Kena 130ish +680ish so that's + 1600ish just from those sets. Then something like Hundlings I think gives like 299, all weapon damage glyphs can be 510 more that's 3100ish more. Major brutality I think is +20% so 3410ish all from what you're whereing.

    Bosmer for example has +21% stam regen, Mundus gives 300ish regen.

    This is all hypothesis but I can see it being done.
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  • Alcast
    Class Representative
    Alchemist on backbar active, mainbar hundings rage and there you most liekely have the almost 6k weap dmg. Not sure if its it but could be.
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  • Amdar_Godkiller
    All divines, Warrior Mundus
    4 Alchemist
    2 Kena
    1 Leki

    2 Agility damage enchants
    1 Leki damage enchant

    Agility Greatsword
    Agility Sword w/weapons damage enchant
    Clever Alchemist Sword

    With Kena + Alchemist + weapons damage enchant procs you'd be easily in that range.
  • WillhelmBlack
    Be a NB, stack weapon damage, Fully buff, go into stealth and look at character sheet.
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  • susmitds
    Or stack weapon dmg and transform to werewolf. Use Hircine's Rage and look at character sheet.
  • styx1122
    Thx for the answers but i was trying to ask this person named @xANTIxMATTERx im new to the forum and not familiar private messaging. He has a nightblade with these stats
  • Armitas
    DaveMoeDee wrote: »
    Jhunn wrote: »
    Easy way: Cheat Engine?

    The OP is on a PS4.

    Game Genie (lol jk)
    Nord mDK
  • styx1122
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