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FPS Lag in Cities

Soul Shriven
Everytime I'm outdoors or in a small village, I will hit a constant 60 fps no problem. However, when in a city such as Davon's Watch or Windhelm, I drop to about 35-40fps, no matter how low I turn the settings. I have an i7 clocked at 2.5 which during gaming constantly turbos up to 3.3, and my graphics card is an AMD R9 m290x. Even though it's a mobile gpu, it still packs a punch. I play it at 900p, and I don't understand how I can constantly hit 60fps when outside of cities but while inside, it's 30-45. Anyone else? Any ideas on fixing?
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  • reActor1
    Same here.
    I've lost 30/40fps, it's unplayable.
    The strange thing is, I also have "fps issues" on any other software or Windows environment (eg.: scrolling a web page) if ESO is running.
    UPDATE: I've noticed my GPU is used 100% all the time. Is it normal?
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