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Phinix Addon-Powered UI

A complete self-configuring UI overhaul for ESO!


What is PhinixUI?

A collection of addons which, working together, provides the most comprehensive and stylish UI experience possible. Popular features such as buff and debuff tracking, Minimap, combat mods, damage meters, group and raid frame overhauls, inventory management and style tracking, and more, all synergize in a minimally invasive way to give you what you need without all you don't.

Most important, PhinixUI does all the configuration for you. All you have to do is install the addons you want from the main list (recommended to install ALL of these), any you want from the optional list, and using a simple in-game interface, PhinixUI configures all of them for you instantly! It will automatically detect whichever supported addons you actually have installed and populate the list accordingly. You can even select which addons you want to have it configure and which to leave as-is.

NOTE: Certain supported addons are de-selected by default. Specifically, Wykkyd's Macros and Wykkyd's Outfitter addons. If you use these and haven't set them up yet on a character, it is recommended to manually select them to build all the structure the first time you run /pui on a character, and then leave them un-checked whenever you run PhinixUI again.

  • The first step is to back up your current configuration. Locate your \Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\SavedVariables and copy wither the whole folder or it's contents to a safe place.
  • Next, preferably with Minion, download the addons that you want in the Core Components list below (recommended you install ALL of these) and any from the Optional Extras list. Download PhinixUI the same way.
  • Start the game. Click the Addons button at your character select screen and make sure all the installed addons are checked. Also make sure "Allow Out of Date Addons" is checked.
  • Log in to any of your characters. Type /pui or optionally set a keybinding to open the PhinixUI interface. Select any installed supported addons you want it to configure, and click the run button. (You will have to do this once on each of your other characters as well to get them completely set up.)

That's it! The UI is automatically reloaded and the changes should take effect instantly.

Core Components
(Highly recommended you install all of these)
Advanced Filters by: Randactyl, ingeniousclown
AwesomeGuildStore by: sirinsidiator
Azurah by: Kith, Garkin, Phinix, Sounomi
Chat Window Manager by: Phinix
Clock - Tamriel Standard Time by: Tyx

Combat Cloud by: Sideshow, Garkin, Phinix
This one is optional, awesome customized floating battle text. I had been using the game's new version, but I recommend at least trying Combat Cloud. If you decide to install this to test, PhinixUI will automatically turn off the default combat text where appropriate and configure Combat Cloud it for a very nice initial layout.

Crafting Material Level Display by: Ayantir, Baertram
Destinations by: SnowmanDK, Fyrakin
Emacs by: Ayantir
FCOItemSaver by: Baertram
Foundry Tactical Combat (Hist Updates) by: Atropos, Philgo68, Demiknight
Harven's AS to LAM adapter by: Harven
Harven's Stack Split Slider by: Harven
HarvestMap (EsoheadMarkers) by: Shinni
Inventory Simpler Meter Icons (version by: Nolan Kotulan
libAddonKeybinds by: merlight
LibAddonMenu by: sirinsidiator, Seerah
Lootdrop, Continued (All in One) by: Ayantir, Pawkette
LoreBooks by: Garkin, Ayantir
Lost Treasure by: CrazyDutchGuy
Map Coordinates by: Garkin, Ayantir, Fyrakin

For the Minimap (I personally recommend Votan's Mini Map):
Votan's Mini Map by: votan - If you are having problems with performance when using Fyrakin's Minimap, install this addon instead.
MiniMap by: Fyrakin - Alternately (do NOT use both) you can install this minimap. Very nice and has border pins and other unique features, but may have some stuttering when moving between zones if you have a ton of custom map pins.

MiniMap Map API refences by: Fyrakin (Only if using Fyrakin's Minimap)
MultiCraft by: DonutEnigma, Ayantir
No, thank you! by: Garkin, Ayantir
pChat by: Puddy, Ayantir
Potion Maker by: facit, Khrill, votan
RP Target Frame by: Phinix
Show Motifs by: mra4nii, Phinix
SkyShards by: Garkin, Ayantir
SpentSkillPoints by: Shinni
Srendarr - Aura, Buff & Debuff Tracker by: silentgecko, Garkin, Kith
Thief's Knapsack by: oGMo
Votan's Achievements Overview by: votan
Votan's Fish Fillet by: votan
Votan's Fisherman by: votan
Votan's Improved Locations by: votan
Votan's Improved Quests by: votan
Votan's Keybinder by: Votan
Weapon Charge Alert by: katkat42, Harven, ingeniousclown
Wykkyd's Framework by: Ravalox Darkshire, Balkoth68, Wykkyd
Wykkyd's Outfitter by: Ravalox Darkshire, Balkoth68, Wykkyd
Wykkyd's Full Immersion by: Ravalox Darkshire, Balkoth68, Wykkyd

Optional Extras
(Also highly recommended but not strictly necessary.)

Important Notes:

There are a couple points you should be aware of:
  • Go to your game settings, and select Addon Settings, and you will see a list of all the addons. Here you can manually tweak their individual options. For example, if you want Harvest Map to track more things like mining nodes you can enable it here.
  • If you go to your game Controls, you will find options for addons with configurable key bindings here as well. Two that should be set are: for Foundry Tactical, you should set a key bind to show/hide the damage summary (DPS statistics showing what abilities did what damage), and for Wykkyd's Full Immersion, set a binding for On/Off (the first option) to show/hide the compass.

Feel free to leave any questions or comments, and enjoy!

Download PhinixUI at

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