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i messed up this poll ignore it XD

Edited by Psycho_gamer271 on April 29, 2016 7:10AM
Xbox One GT: ahh 3PiC g4MiNg
I have pledge to Mara, anyone wanna group up And use it? Msg me if want to (Xbox, EU only)
ESO player stats for Xbox one EU
Rriass Ggremoryy- Cp150- Orc sorcerer- (magica)- Main
Ddrig Welsh Dragon- lvl3- redgaurd dragonknight- (magica)- new account and 2nd account

i messed up this poll ignore it XD 5 votes

Vampire for self healing
Firerock2 1 vote
Vampire for damage
DjKahun 1 vote
Werewolf for damage
SunraThe UninvitedSunburnt_Penguin 3 votes
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