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Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited v2.4.0—the Dark Brotherhood DLC game pack! We have some great new content, features, and systems in store for you, and we’re excited to hear what you think!

Dark Brotherhood, like our previous updates, will come in two parts—the DLC game pack, and the base game patch. The base game patch will be available to everyone who owns The Elder Scrolls Online and the DLC game pack will automatically download with it, allowing you instant access to the new content when you purchase it, or activate an ESO Plus membership.

Anyone who owns ESO and has an active ESO Plus membership will also automatically have access to the Dark Brotherhood DLC game pack. If your ESO Plus membership ends or lapses, you will no longer have access to the Dark Brotherhood DLC game pack content and areas, but you will still have any items you earned while you had access. You will also keep any acquired skills from the Dark Brotherhood skill line up to the rank that you earned while you were in the Guild, even if you respec. If you do not have an active ESO Plus membership you can purchase the DLC game pack for 2,000 crowns via the in-game Crown Store.

Join the Dark Brotherhood and become their newest assassin. Aside from hours of new story content, two new delves and group bosses, this update introduces a deadly new passive skill line exclusive to members of the Dark Brotherhood. We also have a number of new item sets available, plus a variety of repeatable content. In addition, we have some changes to previous DLC game packs including a District capture system for Imperial City and improvements to the Tel Var Stone merchant.

The base game patch also features an abundance of new features including poison-making as an extension of the Alchemy system, improvements to item set traits, more enhancements to the Grouping Tool, nameplates, item locking, Craft Bags for ESO Plus members, and more. And, of course, the highly anticipated removal of Veteran Ranks. We’ll be publishing a deep-dive of Veteran Rank removal on our website later next week, but in the meantime, you’ll find the top-level details in the patch notes below to get you started.

In addition to all the new features and major updates, we have made many fixes and improvements to the overall combat and gameplay (including many stamina-related changes), content throughout the game, itemization, UI, and more.

We hope you enjoy our latest update, which will be approximately 3.2GB in size, and look forward to reading your feedback!

  • DLC Game Packs
    • Dark Brotherhood
    • Marked for Death
    • New World Bosses and Delves
    • New Passive Skill Line: Dark Brotherhood
    • Changes to Imperial City
    • White Gold Tower & Imperial City Prison
    • Runeboxes
    • New Motifs
    • Dark Brotherhood Loyalty Reward: Personality
    • Item Sets
    • New Mementos
    • New Titles
  • Base Game Patch
    • Veteran Rank Removal
    • Poison-Making
    • Grouping Tool Improvements
    • Item Trait Improvements
    • Improved Cyrodiil Vendors
    • Updates to Sanctum Ophidia
    • Craft Bags
    • Item Locking
    • New Collectible Functionality & Changes
    • New Dye
    • Additional Character Slots
    • Nameplates
    • Character & UserID Display
    • Character Sheet on Gamepad Mode
    • Enchanting Improvements
    • Harvest Nodes
    • Armor Improvements
    • Combat Animation Prioritization
    • Pickpocketing Improvements



Gina Bruno
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    Combat & Gameplay
    • Removed the gate on the Arena coliseum.

    • Spider Daedra that appear in certain events in the Nobles District now drop appropriate Spider Daedra loot, and are correctly vulnerable to attacks that affect Daedra.

    Monster Abilities
    • Flesh Colossus
      • Stumble Forward no longer displays telegraph cones, but will still strike multiple targets.
    • Gati the Storm Sister
      • Storm Shadows can no longer be interrupted.
    • Nullifier
      • Nullify Silence and Pet Stun now last 2 seconds, increased from 0.65 seconds.
    • Otholug gro-Goldfolly
      • Aspect of Terror can no longer be interrupted.
      • Aspect of Terror’s fear effect can now be dodged along with the rest of the ability.
      • Aspect of Terror now has a shorter cast time, and can only hit one target.
      • Aspect of Terror no longer affects the targeted player character before it actually hits.
      • Blocking Fright Force is now more intuitive.
    • Patrolling Horrors
      • Daedric Arch scamps summoned by Baron Thirsk now have less health.
      • Amoncrul: Antimagic Reduced the field that targets player characters and the monster itself to two player characters from three.
      • Immolator Charr: Regeneration no longer heals Immolator Charr to full health.
      • Mazaluhad: Zombies now explode for three times as much damage.
      • Volghass:
        • Burning Ground no longer creates three telegraphs for each flame circle, and now hits half as often.
        • Crazed Claw deals slightly less damage.
      • Ysenda Resplendant: Your health will no longer desync while fighting Ysenda Resplendant.
      • Zoal the Ever-Wakeful: Shocking Gaze now hits every second instead of twice per second.
    • Sweepers
      • Mind Spike now works like Clairvoyance and matches the indicated telegraph, and suppresses all forms of stealth. Unlike Clairvoyance, Mind Spike remains in combat.
    • Xivkyn Elite
      • Drain Essence now heals for 5% of the maximum health if your character dies while being drained.
      • Enraged Strike now deals significantly less damage.
      • Fire Runes now hit less often.
      • Force Pulse now deals far more damage.
      • Reduced the shield from Healing Shield. It now absorbs 4% of the monster’s health in damage against 4 players, down from 12%. Healing Shield also now heals less damage over time.
      • Lava Whip’s cast time is now much longer and can be blocked.
      • Rotating Reflective Shield no longer damages and knocks back melee and ranged physical attacks.
        • While green, Rotating Reflective Shield now reduces damage from melee attacks and reflects ranged physical attacks.
        • While blue, Rotating Reflective shield reflects spell projectiles.
      • Standing in a Lich Crystal now deals more damage. The detonation damage from the Lich Crystal remains unchanged.
      • Steel Cyclone now deals far more damage per hit.
      • Teleport Strike is no longer immediately followed by another attack when it hits.
      • Vampiric Ground no longer heals for the first two hits after placement; it now deals less damage for the first two hits, and more damage starting with the third.

    Exploration & Itemization
    • Updated the goods sold by Tel Var Stone merchants to include many more set items and rare goods.
    • You will now receive the Dungeon Finder completion rewards for running White Gold Tower.
    • Due to recent landscaping changes, many of the fishing holes in the Imperial City have been relocated to other nearby locations.
    • Updated the locations and achievement hints for two Imperial City skyshards, to account for changes to the battlefield around them.

    Quests & Zones
    • Knowledge is Power: The quest objective marker for this quest will now appear in the correct place.
    • The Lock and The Legion: Summoned pets will no longer mimic Captain Regilus’ lines.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    Art & Animation
    • Malacath Armor: Equipping the Malacath medium helmet will no remove your facial hair.
    • Trinimac Armor: Fixed a texture-related issue for the shoulders of the Trinimac light armors when certain hoods were equipped. We also fixed an issue where you would see severely-distorted textures when your arms were raised or in combat idle while wearing the heavy torso.

    Combat & Gameplay
    • Fixed an issue with the collision with the domesticated bear.
    • Echalettes no longer have collision.
    • The off-balance indicator no longer displays upside-down for Dwarven Sentries in turret-mode.

    Exploration & Itemization
    • Added weapons to the Briarheart, Trinimac's Valor, and Mark of the Pariah sets.
      • These weapons now drop from the Daily Recompense boxes obtained for completing dailies in Orsinium, just as the armors and jewelry of those sets do.
      • The chance to obtain non-set items from these boxes has been reduced to make room for these weapons.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing NPC pockets to appear empty more often than intended in Wrothgar after pickpocketing several NPCs in the area.

    Maelstrom Arena
    • Improved the rewards for Maelstrom Arena so now every level of the Arena is guaranteed to grant a set item.
      • Note: The only exception is the final Arena on Veteran mode, which may still drop a Maelstrom Weapon instead.
    • Maelstrom Arena leaderboard rewards are now guaranteed to contain a Maelstrom Weapon, and have an additional 50% chance to award a piece of Jewelry as well.
    • Expanded the weapons awarded through the Maelstrom Arena leaderboard to include a wider variety of Traits, including Nirnhoned.

    Quests & Zones
    • The Merchant and Friendship Gates will now take you to Bangkorai and Stormhaven, respectively, and there is a new cart in Orsinium to return you to your alliance’s main city.
      • Carts to Orsinium in Vulkhel Guard, Davon's Watch, and Daggerfall will bring you to the Merchant's Gate until you complete the quest "Invitation to Orsinium."
      • Doing so will then teleport you to the cart in Orsinium.

    • A Question of Succession: The truffles are now easier to interact with once uncovered.
    • Blood on a King's Hands: Kurog will now wait to finish speaking before he leaps down from the platform.
    • Draugr Dilemma: The quest assists for the sarcophagus will now always display.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager
    • Fixed a number of cases where audio wasn’t playing properly for certain monsters and abilities.
    • Polished the audio for many of the abilities.
    • Polished many locations where the sound and/or music didn’t quite fit the space or, in some cases, was missing entirely.
    • Improved the audio used by a number of monsters, critters and objects in the world.
    • Fixed a number mismatched or erroneous text/voice-over pairings throughout the game.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager
    Crown Store
    • Bundles now have an additional callout for the number of products in them.
    • Nuzimeh the Merchant and Tythis Andromo the Banker can now only be used by their summoner and that summoner's group members, as was the original intention of their contracts.
    • Clarified tutorials related to various Crown Store products, particularly Crown Soul Gems, Assistants, and Crown Mimic Stones.
    • The Escape key can now be used to close the Crown Store Announcement window.
    • Fixed an issue that was preventing you from being able to preview products in the Crown Store.

    • Cuffs on the Brilliance Brocade Robe and Summit Lord’s Silken Robes will no longer have a visible gap where they should connect to the sleeve.
    • Glass Armor Motif: Fixed an issue where the elbow pads were visible while in first-person view.
    • Nord Hero Costume: Fixed an issue that was causing parts of this costume to clip into the shin and neck areas for several female characters.
    • Royal Court Jester Costume:
      • You will no longer see through areas of the torso from this costume when looking at it from the ground up. What were you doing on the ground in the first place?
      • Fixed several separation issues between the neck and cowl.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager
    Dungeons & Group Content
    Dragonstar Arena
    • It is no longer possible for Nak'ta to teleport into the walls of Dragonstar Arena.

    • Expanded the rewards for Trial leaderboards to include a wider variety of Traits, including Nirnhoned.

    Veteran Dungeons
    • Veteran City of Ash
      • This dungeon will now be slightly less difficult to complete.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager
    • Made some minor performance improvements across the game.
    • Fixed a number of commonly occurring crashes.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager
    Quests & Zones
    • Fixed a rare issue that was preventing certain quest rewards from displaying a tooltip.

    • The Wayward Dagger: Fixed an issue that was causing Lakhazga to accidentally reveal you while sneaking.

    • Soul Survivors: Fixed an issue where the environmental damage would deal 0 damage upon death, but your armor still lost durability.

    • Fixed an issue that causing you to receive a smaller than intended Magicka Resistance buff after interacting with the magical anomaly/aura just outside of Elenhir.
    • Ilthag's Undertower: Fixed an issue where knocking monsters back into the cages could cause them to stay in a spot where players could no longer reach them.
    • The Shattered and the Lost: Daderic Runes that appear during this quest line will now be more legible.

    • A Family Divided: Sela will now continue following you on re-entering, resurrecting, or sharing this quest in the Forgotten Crypts.
    • What Lies Beneath:
      • General Gavryn Redoran will now fight properly after transforming.
      • You must now collect the signet for this quest, instead of the boss’ head. Collecting the signet and defeating the boss will also be shared with your group members.

    • Party Planning: Added a backpack with the Dunmer Cultural Garb next to Rigurt at the docks in case you happen to lose your garb.

    • Back-Alley Murders: You will now consistently get credit for the boss fight during this quest.
    • Bloodthorn Assassins: Fixed an issue where the quest marker would disappear when descending the stairs on the quest step "follow King Casimir upstairs."

    • Striking at the Heart: Indaenir will now respawn within Hectahame Grotto if he gets stuck while walking.

    Malabal Tor
    • Something Rotten: You will no longer see a “Use” option for the Cold Water quest item while in the Quest Items UI.

    Reaper’s March
    • Baan Dar's Bash: The Baan Dar now eat their chicken and drink their beer properly.

    • Hope Lost: Fixed an issue where Adusa-daro could be in multiple places at once, and Celeste would occasionally stop following you after rescuing her.

    • The Fangs of Sithis: Fixed an issue where Looks-Under-Rocks would vanish and not consistently allow you to hand in the quest.
    • The Skin-Stealer's Lair: The quest bestower will now spawn slightly farther away than before.

    • Thieves and Murderers beware! Pact Guards now occupy Hrogar's Hold, and the Hrogar's Soldiers will no longer fight monsters.

    Stros M’Kai
    • Like Moths to a Candle: Added a third option when determining Captain Helane's fate.

    The Rift
    • A Walk in the Clouds: The campfires in the cold area are now usable even if you’re not on the quest.
    • Gift of the Worm: The ritual circles surrounding the bosses no longer follow them as they move.
    • The Farmer's Champion: Fixed an issue where you were using the incorrect animation when interacting with the drum.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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