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Can't decide Julianos or Seducer or a mix of both

Currently using two resto staff Julianos, and head and foot, rest of the armor is seducer (5) pieces, originally I was using all seducer and like the results but i just switched it to a little bit of Julianos, not sure if i should go more Julianos or seducer, Iam vet 13 pure temp healer. Current magica is about 28000 and magic regen is alittle over 2000ish, my heals on average are anywhere between 10,000-16000 if any of that info helps.
  • Sunah
    If you are going for support/heals, I suggest kagrancs hope with 2p torag. And resto and desto staffs torag as well.

    Reasoning behind this is because frankly 2k regen is wayyyyy too much. Im running 800 and im perfectly fine with mana but until you get use to how people play and mechanics of fights id recommend maybe 1300 regen.

    You want to try to get your spell damage up more so that your heals hit harder, so that means you have to heal less. And yes spell damage does effect healing done. Use destro staff for support skills such as elemental drain and keep either channeled focus or purifying ritual down because it will increase your healing done by 25%.

    Oh also I recommend kagr bce the 5p gives spell damage and that increase rez speed is insane...
  • Brrrofski
    Kagernacs is the best all around magica set imo.

    If you went with that and 3 seducer, you could put all jewellery enchants into spell damage.
    Xbox One EU
  • mia_pow
    Thanks for the info I would love kagrancs, just short a couple traits so close. Going thru normal dungeons I never have issues with running out of magica, but in the vet dungeons it comes close, thank god for potions. I did once have the destro and restro set up back during day one release, not sure why I went with two resto.
  • Johngo0036
    @mia_pow - What server are you on.
    PC EU Megaserver
    Altmer Magicka Sorcerer |The-Irritable-Witch(DC)
    Orc Stamina Dragonknight | Gru-Bolar(DC)
    Dunmer Magicka Nightblade | Chewbucca(DC)
    Khajit Stamina Nightblade | Gleaming Daggers(DC)
    Altmer Magicka Nightblade | Miss Chewbucca(EP)
    Argonian Magicka Templar | Walks-With-Friends(EP)
    Argonian Templar Healer | Dr Toxic(EP)
    Orc Stamina Sorc | Lady Streaks-Alot(DC)
    Dunmer Magicka DK | Whips-n-Chains(DC)
    Nord Warden | Demi Tank(DC)
    Dunmer Magicka Warden | Crafter-O-Crafts(DC)
    Bosmer Stamplar | Forest-Plump(DC)
    Argonian Hybrid Nb | Men-O-Paws(DC)
    Bosmer Stamblade | 'Maui(AD)
    Altmer Magicka Sorcerer | Mid-Life-Crisis(AD)

  • Septimus_Magna
    5x Kagrenacs (crafted)
    5x Worm's Raiment (3x jewelry and 2x light)
    1x Molag Kena (undaunted)
    PC - EU (AD)
    Septimus Mezar - Altmer Sorcerer
    Septimus Rulanir - Orsimer Templar
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    Septimus Thragar - Dunmer Nightblade
    Septimus Jah'zar - Khajiit Nightblade
    Septimus Nerox - Redguard Warden
    Septimus Ozurk - Orsimer Sorcerer
  • mia_pow
    Johngo0036 wrote: »
    @mia_pow - What server are you on.
    Ps4 NA

  • Gargath
    For pure templar healer I can recommend 6 pcs. light armor with 1 pc. heavy chest, and 5 pcs. Seducer set, 2 pcs. with both resto staffs from Torug's Pact.
    Imho magicka templar with light armor already have enough critical (with Magelight slotted on both bars) and tons of magicka, so better could be to add spell damage and health then even more critical/magicka form Julianos. Just my 50 cents.
    PC EU (PL): 14 characters. Member of Priests of Hircine Werewolf Guild. ESO player since 06.08.2015.
  • failkiwib16_ESO
    v13 hahahahah welcome to the first veteran Healers Habit level. <3

    buy v13 Healers Habit jewelry + head and shoes.
    craft 5 pieces of Julianos.
    • chest heavy armor with infused trait.
    • legs medium armor with infused trait.
    • ..make the rest lightarmor with divine trait.

    ..use The Thief mundus stone for higher crit %.

    Put 7-10 attribute points into health if needed, otherwise everything into magicka. Personally I have 0 in health, but if you struggle then take and put 7-10 attributes into health, it will prevent you from being 1-shot in dungeons.

    If you struggle with resource management, then use Rapid Regeneration and Healing Springs, because they are cost efficient ...and cast Breath of Life when it is needed.

    ...if you don't use the grouping tool and do scaled v16 dungeons then this set remains viable till you actually level up and reach v16 as a healer.
    • v14 Healers Habit set cost a lot, and is not worth investing in.
    • Worm Cult is a great set, if you run with magicka damage dealers, and useless in groups with stamina users. Just don't bother with it, you will struggle at finding it in guildstores for your level.

  • mia_pow
    I see alot of people recommend the thief for crits Iam so used to the Atronach figured alot more healers would of been using the Atrronach as apposed to something else.
  • failkiwib16_ESO
    mia_pow wrote: »
    I see alot of people recommend the thief for crits Iam so used to the Atronach figured alot more healers would of been using the Atrronach as apposed to something else.

    The atronach is fine while you still level up, but once you reach v16, you and your groups will benefit more from you having higher crit % than mana regen.

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