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Template Requests

A couple requests for future templates:
  • Can you make sure all skill lines are max rank? Currently Vampire, Provisioning, Werewolf, and Legerdemain are Rank 1.
  • Maxing out all riding skills would be really nice.
  • Maxing out the bank/inventory space would be convenient as well.
  • Is there any way to copy/keep character settings on a new template character? Or at least change a few of the default settings (like turning popup help off).
  • A few more skill points would be really nice (there's just a few dozen short of being able to purchase all passives at once).
  • More wayshrines being available/known immediately would be really convenient.
  • Some way of having a stack of v16 crafting materials available would be great!
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  • Erraln
    The templates we were given in TG PTS were an improvement, here are a few things I'd like to see in the future if possible:
    • Maximized crafting research available. Materials available for all crafts and ranks. If this has to be coded as a separate template to the others, nobody will mind.
    • Previous iterations of template characters. As an example, it was impossible for anyone on NA to test the Scathing Mage changes on pts, due to the timing of the change and lack of availability on templates. If the Imperial City templates were still available, we could have accessed it through their provided gear.
    • Realistic gear slots. It would be easier for us to test for bugged gear interactions if our provided sets came in all slots it is programmed to drop/ be available in. 5 Body armor instead of all armor+jewelry+weapons was the standout example from TG sets.
    • Provided crafting motifs. How are we to find clipping, invalid textures, and misaligned assets if we can't make the things?
  • Paulington
    I copy/paste my previous list:
    1. 9/9 Traits in all crafts on premades.
    2. All motifs on premades.
    3. At least one wayshrine in each zone.
    4. All skill lines at maximum and all skills morphable.
    5. A box containing a few thousand of each VR16 crafting material.
    6. A box containing a stack of each crafting material such as tannins, style stones and more.
    7. A box containing a stack of each Alchemy/Provisioning material.
    8. A box containing divines/infused of each Undaunted and PvP set in all weights.
    9. A box containing all VR16 jewellery in the game.
    10. A box containing all Maelstrom weapons in all traits.

    We already have max Riding/Bank/Inventory due to the Crown Store stuff we can buy for 1 Crown.
    Edited by Paulington on April 2, 2016 6:39PM
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