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Just returned and looking for an EP guild

Soul Shriven
Just started getting back into the game and looking for a guild. I play a v10 dk and want to join an active guild. Raiding or PvP is fine.
  • Drivan
    Please check out Souls of Fate ( We are an EP guild that is very active. we are currently rebuilding after some members decided to focus on SWTOR instead of ESO and are looking to get members who like to run dungeons, Vet runs, PvP, Imperial City and more.
    We have a 45 seat TS server and plenty of folks around every night just itching to have some fun. You can message me, @Drivan or our GM @Gamerratic in game for an inviter. Tell Gamer that Drivan sent you if you talk to him.

    Hope to hear from you soon!


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