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[Ebonheart Pact] Darkest Requiem

Darkest Requiem is a PVP oriented guild primarily focused on Haderus with a presence in Azura's Star. The main goal of our guild is to provide a quality PVP experience within a friendly atmosphere that doesn't require you to play a particular role or build. Our core members and leaders have years of top notch PVP experience at their disposal for the betterment of the guild as a whole, if you're new don't be afraid to ask questions! We communicate through Teamspeak (required), and have our own website for raid night information, builds, forum discussions and more! If you're interested in joining, please apply at our website. If you have any further questions about the guild beforehand, send a mail to one of our officers in game; @Dutchessx @rylanadionysis @Poetent_Allfather @Turtl3Lov3 @Legits @Firemagzz @Jamicka.
Daddy Turtle @ Malcious Lemontarts

Horùs | Templar | Worst healer NA.
Néphtys | Mageblade | Studies 4k monitors.
Wosyét | Dragonknight | Akatosh incarnate.
Cuddles Mcfluffykins | Sorcerer | Confused emo orc.
Fudgé Muffins | Stamblade| Incaps ur mom.
Aurelia Licinius Vl | Sorcerer | Pandaturtle baby.
Crassus Licinius Il | Dragonknight | Embodiment of Panda.
"t-bag me harder daddy" - Zose
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