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Nos's "Azor Ahai" MagPlar Trial DPS Build (Summerset ready)


06/02/2018 - Updated for Summerset

06/07/2018 - Adjusted rotation and bar setup



Attribute Distribution:

All in Magicka


Clockwork Citrus Filet

Mundus Stone:


Champion Point Distribution:

Blue Tree

64 Elemental Expert, 28 Spell Erosion, 48 in Elfborn, 51 in Thaumaturge, 51 Master at Arms, 8 Staff Expert

The Gear:

All gear is 5 light 1 medium 1 heavy.

5 Perfected Siroria Armor with Magicka Enchants

2 Zaan

3 Mother's Sorrow Jewelry with Spell damage enchants (2 Arcane 1 Bloodthirsty)

1 Maelstrom Fire Destro Staff Infused (Spell Damage Enchant)

1 Mother's Sorrow Fire Destro Infused (Fire enchant)

Bar Setup:

Main bar (MS) - Inner light, Purifying Light, Vampire's Bane, Elemental Weapon, Blazing Spear. Ultimate - Fiery Rage

Offbar Bar (vMA Staff) - Radiant Oppression, Spell Symetry, Channeled Acceleration, Harness Magicka, Elemental Blockade. Ultimate - Empowering Sweep


Pre Rotation: Inner Light>Channeled Acceleration>Bar Swap>Fiery Rage>Barswap

Step 1: LA>Elemental Blockade>Barswap

Step 2: LA>Blazing Spear>LA>Vamp Bane>LA>Purifying Light>(LA>Elemental Weapon x 4)>Barswap

Alternate Between Steps 1 and 2. If Magicka gets low replace each LA>Elemental Weapon cast with LA>Spell Symetry.

Below 20%:

Change (LA>Elemental Weapon x 4)>Barswap to LA>Elemental Weapon>Barswap>LA>Radiant Oppresion

Rotation Video:

In this video I show a rotation with Witchmothers:


Why Vampires Bane?

Does more single target damage than Reflective Light AND stays on target during movement.


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