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[PC] [NA] [PACT] VR 16 Tank and Healer looking for PvE guild

I'm Llilium, a tank-specced nightblade looking for a guild with my friend who is a healing templar.

we're looking to take DPS with us nightly into pledges as well as helm runs. we spend most of our time currently in cyrodil as a duo breaking up large groups of AD and DC together and just recently decided that we want to spend more time making friends and doing dungeons which is kind of only a weekly thing.

if you're looking for reliable, experienced and laid back players, please let us know what you're about and whether you have active players that will be interested in playing nightly with us. please don't invite us to a guild that is not going to play with us. we also don't care how large the guild is, as long as we are able to make friends with highly active players during the evening hours.

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