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NA: New Guild: "Tina's Kitchen" (PC)

Soul Shriven
Tina's Kitchen are looking for Chefs, Cooks and crafty food-hoarders !!!
Rules are simple:
We ONLY deal in foodstuffs. (Food, ingredients and recipes )

The Guild, has just been born, so we need YOU, to help us grow into THE biggest center of finer coussine!!
Send me a whisper, or a mail, and i´ll send you an invite :)

The end goal is to create a center for food of all sorts.
To get there, we will need to grow up to a point, where a store can be set up, and, a trader put to work.

ANY coin in the guildbank, will go towards a Guild trader, somewhere central.
Guild Bank slots, will be off limits.

Send a mail or a PM here to:
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