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The Midnight Sons [EP/NA/PC]

Soul Shriven
Game type/Server/Faction: PC/NA/EP

Guild name: The Midnight Sons

Guild type: A mix of everything (Social, PvE, PvP, quests, trade, RP)

Description: The Midnight Sons is a horror themed guild for fans who are into horror movies, music, comics, collectibles, etc. The guild is a place for anyone who wants a horror based theme to their guild and wants a group of like minded players that are into a mix of the social, PvE, PvP, quests, trade, and RP. The guild is extremely new so we do not have a TeamSpeak or website yet but that will be changing soon! Werewolf and Vampire friendly!!

Requirements: Any race, level, or class is eligible to join. Although not required, a character polymorph of the skeleton or scarecrow is recommended to accommodate the horror theme. As stated above, werewolf and vampires are welcome and they have their own ranks within the guild!
To join, whisper @Asterion or message me in game if I am not online.
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