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= Let's Be Blunt = A 420-Friendly Guild = Social/Casual, PvE = All Factions = Looking for Officers=

Let's Be Blunt

Hello everyone!

If you are looking for a laid-back, 420-friendly guild to socialize, find groups, trade and PvP with, you have come to the right place! We are founded on the principles of helpfulness, honor and honesty, and are driven to be a truly judgement-free place where everyone is welcome, so long as they can play nice.

We are a brand-new guild, and are still defining ourselves. We are eagerly looking for new members, and are hoping to fill several officer positions. These people will help shape and mold the guild into its maturity, so this is a very great opportunity for those of you willing to take up the mantle.

What Type of Guild is "Let's Be Blunt"?

Let's Be Blunt is a truly amorphous thing, especially now in its infancy. Currently, the goal is to make Let's Be Blunt the type of guild that anyone can enjoy, and find worth in.

That being said, we have some key goals in mind:
  • Get a guild bank and store up the moment we reach the required member count
  • Get a merchant in a decent, well-trafficked area
  • Become a guild that does fairly decent trade, but is not trade-focused

It is our hope that Let's Be Blunt can be the sort of guild a member turns to first if they're looking for someone to run a dungeon, trial or to PvP with, or if they have a question regarding gear, builds, quests or those ever-pesky bugs.

We want our members to look at their guild list and say "Let's Be Blunt, that's my 'friendly guild', I know they're always happy to help, they don't make me feel stupid for asking questions."

If this sounds like a guild that you'd be happy to call home, we hope you'll join us in shaping our future.

Visit Our Website to see more about our guild

To join Let's Be Blunt, please fill out and post the following short application. We want to get to know our members, not bulk up with mindless numbers for the sake of appearances.

In-Game Name:
Main Faction:
420 (y/n):
Tell Us Something Fun:
maybe you can run a dungeon faster than anyone else, maybe you're double jointed, maybe you enjoy yodeling, or have a funny joke for us. Give us a taste of your personality!

If you are interested in being an officer and thus helping to shape the guild's future more directly and assist with running the guild as it grows, please state that with your application, and tell us why you would be a good candidate.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here, or send an in-game mail or private message to @LadyWillow.

Thank you all, and we look forward to gaming with you!
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"May you walk on warm sands."
  • ladywillow15
    Updates and News

    We've got our first member, welcome to @Mordiez!
    Will you be the next to join our ranks and help make this guild great?
    Edited by ladywillow15 on March 18, 2016 2:41AM
    "May you walk on warm sands."
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