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what will happen to Azura's Star scoring when thieves guild goes live?

was wondering what will happen to the alliance war scoring for end-campaign rewards, will it remain the same as it is now or will it be reset?
will the keeps status be reset with TG patch?

  • Taleof2Cities
    No official word but Monday's natch potes might contain the answer ... so be on the lookout.
  • HoloYoitsu
    I doubt anything will change, people will just leave the campaign because most want to keep playing with their builds made for CP. You should know by now ZOS doesn't really care about pvp, I wouldn't get my hopes up about them doing extra qol work for pvp'rs.
    Cyrodiil (the PvP map) is open-world and supports up to 2000 players in it at the same time. ESO’s client is designed to be able to handle (on the recommended spec) 200 players on screen at the same time.
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