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Impossible to log in to US Server


For past 3 days I've haven't been able to log in the game.
Past 2 months I had no issue at all, this week I was currently running for emperor on a non veteran campaign (which means a lot of play time invested) and from one day (Wednesday) to another (Thursday, morning) I haven't been able to log.

The launcher just runs as usual, I type down my username and password and from that point the hurricane started...

Errors I got so far:
1) error 200
2) error 201
3) error 108
4) error 305
5) unable to connect, unspecific error
6) connection has failed
7) crash error

Which makes NO SENSE.

For some reason, a couple of time I was able to get into the game with couple of toons, and right after 1 minute (doesn't matter where I was, what I did or was doing) it crashes back to log in screen with no error at all. From there, it all begin again.

Just because I was actually running for emperor, I tried the following solutions with no success (yes, I was persistent)

1) Check the firewall permissions
2) Check antivirus
3) Repair the game from launcher
4) Check proxy and IP address
5) Reset router
6) Reboot computer
7) Change SET graphic.7 "D3D11" to "OPENGL"
8) Change in same file as before, number thresholds..
9) Checked if graphic card drivers are you to date
10) Unable all add on
11) Reinstall the game completely
Among others...

Of course I ask for help to Zenimax, and I had NO answer what so ever... Instead they sent a survey of their support which I did not even receive. LOL?

Now, I saw more people on this same forum are writing about the same issue or similar. And looks like the issue its on Zenimax side, a region ban or some crap.
Hopefully it get's solve tomorrow.

Oh, and thanks Zenimax for making me waste a lot of time trying to get emperor.
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