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A Plea for sorceror pets. Can we have healthbar in the UI?

Can we? Just like our group members, to have a healthbar showing how much health and shield there is left on our sorc pets?
Altmer Sorceror, magicka
Bosmer Nightblade, stamina.
Imperial Templar, stamina
Redguard Warden, stamina

Aldmeri Dominion!
PvP only
  • Ryuho
    I can answer that, NO <3
    The Farron family team (EU)
    sorcerer - Rubeus Farron AR31
    templar - Selene Farron AR27
    nightblade - Ryuho Farron AR25
    stamplar - Nura Farron AR10
    stamsorcerer - Kitty Farron AR14 (adopted member)
    DK - Ryu Farron AR17


    CU - next mmo
  • PainfulFAFA
    absolutely agree they should add some sort of HP UI.
    PC NA
    Aztec | AZTEC | Ahztec | Aztehk | Master of Mnem
    MagDK | Magplar | Magward | Mageblade | Stamsorc

  • remilafo
    or at least give the addon people power so one can be made.
  • Erraln
    Adding my voice to this one, though I've already given this feedback directly as well :)

    It would be an excellent addition.
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