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Why does it seem like fear can affect you at all times regardless if you have just broken out or not. I don't want it nerfed, but I swear it's the biggest thing I can't immediately break out of when it hits. And I have been hit by multiple nb before and been stuck in fear with Stam to spare to break out but nothing. Just stupid how it works.
  • Wreuntzylla
    CC break sometimes bugs. But this doesn't only happen with fear. I'm sure it can happen with reverberating bash and crystal frags and I'd assume that it can also occur with other skills.

    But most irritating with fear due to the duration.

    It doesn't affect you at all times, the immunity period goes by fast when in combat. You can also see when immunity drops from the UI (addon?). I have never seen a chain cc when running with other NBs.

    I would like them to fix the cc break issue. On the NB side, you can't tell if they are locked or if they ran out of stamina.
  • Escorpiao_Noturno
    For me... every 4 seconds fear you can get hit be fear.
  • MrGigglypants
    Upon break you can be feared again after 6 seconds like any other cc.
  • Johngo0036
    @MrGigglypants - or immediately if rng allows.......

    Most CC's are bust in the game.. you break them and get cc'ed immediately....

    Also if player a CC's you and you break sometimes player B or C can CC you. .

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