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Looking for active players of Daggerfall Covenant in BWB ! NEW to game or new PVP are welcomed!

Knights of Armageddon (KoA) is a brand new guild started by @Dropkicksmurfy, looking for CASUAL players who want to have fun in a group setting.
Our goal is the DEFENSE of DC against the foul devils of red and yellow. I would like to get a team of loyal DC warriors to focus on defending against any ORANGE zerg that may come. ( I do NOT plan on doing any trading...East Empire Trading Co. or Imperial Trade Union are good for that.)
I also run with the PUGz and GD guilds, so if there isn't a defense needed we can help take the fight to them as well. As stated in title, NEW to game and new to PVP is cool, as we will focus on seige!!! With the new patch upcoming, it will be the HUGE.
contact @Dropkicksmurfy for inv. THX!
For the Aldmeri Pact of Daggerfall!
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