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Addon settings after account name change

I recently had my @name changed, and all of my addon settings were reset. I talked with a friend in game, and he stated that I need to change my old @name to my new @name in all files in SavedVariables. I did this, after I quit the game of course, but it reverted back to my old @name right after I came back into the game. Is there some other files that need the same change?

I'm not sure if it's relevant, but on the log in screen, it still shows my old @name, even after logging in a few times with the save password box checked (and trusted of course).
  • ZOS_CoriJ
    Can you confirm that your UserID is seen as the old one by other players? We took a look and can confirm that in our system your UserID is the new @name that you recently changed to.

    We typically do not typically advise changing script in game files such as the SavedVariable file. Any generic changes we suggest are usually to the game's general Usersettings (usersettings.txt). So, we cannot speak for changes to the game's file data which can cause any number of issues. (This is also typically against our Terms of Service-- although I understand the context in this case.)

    We would recommend reverting all the old @names back to their default to reverse the issue. If this doesn't solve the issue, you will need to delete all your savedvariable files and run a Repair (in Game Options in the News for your launcher) on your launcher to allow the game to replace the files.

    As for your add-on, if the settings for the addon itself has reverted, please consider contacting the add-on creator. We cannot assist with user-created content. If the settings in the actual game reverted the Repair should help with this matter, otherwise you may need to reestablish your settings.
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  • xcommyx
    What I meant by my last comment was that the saved username when I first opened the game was my old @name and I had to change it to my new one to log in. However, changing it in usersettings.txt fixed that issue. However, it didn't fix my other issue. This isn't a big deal, but having to configure 30+ addons to the way I like is very tedious, I was simply looking for a quicker way to do it. Thank you for your response though, that was helpful.
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