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PC-NA Multi-Alliance Casual Social Guild

Hello all!

Blended Army is a casual guild for the casual player. We are a multi-alliance guild that welcomes new players and veterans alike. Some guilds only recruit people from one alliance, or require you to play at certain times. Some require you to build your characters a certain way. We're a guild for those players that don't want to be a part of that elite crowd. We will learn all aspects of this game together, even if we die a thousand times trying!

We are a smaller but growing guild looking for players of all styles and experience. We have weekly Trivia Contests, a TS3 server, a guild store, crafters and tons of helpful members. We are also looking for people who would be interested in helping us organize events such as PvP, Dungeons and leveling groups (and RP groups if enough people in the guild are interested) as well as crafters and merchants. There are no requirements in this guild other than leaving the drama for your other guilds to deal with. This is a game and we'd like to have fun!

You can contact me @Blends or if you find someone else in the guild, ask for an invite.
  • Mertirillon
    I'm a returning player after quitting when my previous guild on the ps4 got pretty toxic. Now, after a year, I'm back but on PC and looking for a laid back guild. If you will let me join send me an invite, character name: Mertirillius.
    Im still low level but I'm focusing heavily on blacksmithing so I could help out other members with that stuff once I get a little higher.
  • Blends
    We have definitely grown since my original post on here. We have over 250 players now, some are new to the game, and some have been around since beta. We just finished a fishing tourney and new activities are being planned.

    Send me a message for an invite!

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