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monster set "Maw of the infernal" set not working anymore (fixed via workaround)

There are strange bugs on PS4.
I found a new one I reported to the support (ref. no. 160210-000962):

After a strange bug, my “Maw of the Infernal” is not working anymore:
Daedroth never appear (trigger no more with light attacks)

This is how the strange bug happenend that probably did harm my set:

This morning, everything was fine, I use these two monster sets:
- "Maw of the Infernal" in Gold
- "Nerien'eth" in Gold

Then I received this third set in today’s vet pledge:
- "Nightflame" in Violet

The bug happened after I used the "Nightflame" set:
I wanted to put this set into my bank and switch back to the “Maw of the Infernal” set.
Suddenly - being inside the bank interface - the “Maw of Infernal” helmet was not gold but violet,
and the Nightflame helmet was not violet, it was gold.
Both helmets somehow seem to have switched some properties.

I relogged when I saw this bug. First I thought everything was fine, because the helmets got their former colors back. However, since this incident my beloved "Maw of the Infernal" set does not trigger anymore and no Daedroth appears.

I would be extremely thankful if you could restore my working "Maw of the Infernal" set.
It would be ok if you cold reset my PS4 account asap to the morning of February 10.

Thank you

Edited by BalticBlues on February 10, 2016 5:48PM
  • BalticBlues
    I found a way to restore the functionality of the "Maw of the Infernal" set:

    I placed the set into my bank, logged off, logged on again and took the set out of the bank. When I wear the set now the functionality is working again! From this I think that taking this set "fresh" out of the bank somehow cleared the problem.

    Therefore, you can CLOSE this ticket for now. I hope I will not have this bug again.
    I will not use the "Nightflame" set again that triggered this bug.
    (The Nightflame set is lacking anyway, because its radius is far too small to be effective).
    Edited by BalticBlues on February 10, 2016 5:46PM
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