Returning Player - Looking for Social / Gaming Guild - DC

Soul Shriven

Recently returned to the game and I am looking for a friendly, active social / gaming guild on the Daggerfall Covenant side. I am specifically looking for a friendly guild who are interested in grouping and helping others out. I currently don't know anyone in game and am finding it hard to find groups for any of the dungeons, which although most people will say just skip them, i'd rather not as I find the group dungeon crawling the more interesting parts of an mmo.

It would also be good to have others to talk to for advice about specs, tactics etc - rather than just trade spam :blush:

I also have a Rank 2 Vet, Templar healer on the EP side which I levelled in the very early months of release.

Feel free to leave me a message here or contact me in game @PJLescop

Looking forward to hearing from you :smiley:
  • Duiwel
    Greetings Peter,

    Order of Sithis are always looking for new players, I will contact you in game.

    Hope to see you among our ranks as friendly and co-operative players are exactly what we are looking for! :sunglasses:
    Join ORDER OF SITHIS We're recruiting! PC EU

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  • SirCritical
    To be honest, we had been waiting for your message to appear! :smiley:

    We need more, active and group-lover players to our friendly community! Please read about us!
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